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Know the Reason Why Mayor Sara does Not have the Confidence to Run for President

Mayor Sara

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Mayor Sara Announces that She’s Not Running for a National Post
It’s already all over the news that Mayor Sara is not running for President or Vice President. She announces this after her father confirmed that he is vying for the Vice Presidency. He wants to assist the President with the continuity of his projects, he said. The Presidential daughter added that she made this decision because of the agreement with her father.

The People’s Welfare Over Personal Interest

The President undermines his daughter’s leading the Presidential survey. He stresses that he does not want the same trouble he went through for his daughter. According to a foreign psychic, Mayor Sara does not have the confidence to seek the highest post because she does not have the support of her father. As everyone knows, President Rodrigo Duterte wants Bongbong Marcos as his successor. Thus, the decision of his daughter.

A Marcos can do the Job Better

The scenario can still change as the election is fast approaching. Marcos can definitely do the job better because of his family history and track record. The Marcos-Duterte tandem is a match made in heaven according to Senator Imee Marcos. This can still happen. Up to this moment, Marcos does not have a party yet. President Duterte does not have a running mate either. In the event of his incapacity during the elections, his daughter can also substitute for him. So, be it.

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