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Know the Trustee of the World’s Wealth for Humanity

wealth for humanity

By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipino Future
[VIDEO]: Marcos’ Grandplan for the Philippines Already Laid Out in Advance (A Great Filipino Vision)

The Trustee of the World’s Wealth

The late President Ferdinand E. Marcos was a visionary who laid out plans for the Philippines 50 years ago. That blueprint is now his son’s guide in leading Filipinos to progress. The one who was thrown out by his own people will emerge as a hero as the trustee of the world’s wealth for humanity.

Tyrant and Plunderer

FEM was demonized by his detractors. Calling him tyrant and plunderer. His family remained calmed all throughout the years. After more than 30 years, the coin has flipped. They explained their side through a movie. The anti-Marcos cannot accept their truth. But the movie is raking money. Now, that’s a lot of wealth.

A Hero or a Visionary

The best president the Philippines ever had, was able to figure out how history would judge him. Providing economic stability to the nation through the Central and World Banks is a work of a genius with a heart for the Filipinos. Fate rides on with him now that the new president is his son. His legacy will live forever.

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  1. God bless the Marcos family who truly loved and served the Filipino people. We are hoping that little by little the minds and hearts of the untimarcos will soon understand the meaning of love service to our country.

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