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Kronda Adair: Karvel Digital on Websites that grow Businesses

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Kronda Adair of Karvel Digital tells us about some of the innovative things she is doing with online workshops and building audiences and creating strategies in funding the products. Kronda believes that a website is a business tool to grow your businesses, that’s why she made it an advocacy to educate clients to regularly publishing content to enhance traffic. Kronda is indeed sharing what other web developers won’t.

Figure out what the market wants before you spend a lot of time and energy building something; find out if people really want what you’re selling before you invest hugely in it. You need to establish yourself as the go to X for Y. And blogging is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to do that. Kronda sent a clear message to all our audience – Become an authority in your field by blogging! Every minute that you spend on documentation or establishing process is hours and hours that you’ll save later. It’s important to set aside time, ideally full days, to work on your business and keep free of client work. In addition to publishing blogs and other writing online, speaking and presentations at relevant forums (for Kronda, WordCamps and tech meetings) is a great way to establish your authority. Listen to the podcast here courtesy of Innovabiz:

Innovabiz added: Publish valuable content, regularly to establish yourself as an authority.


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