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Lady Gaga Assures Fans that Speaking about Mental Health in Public Helps in Prince William’s FaceTime

Lady Gaga

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

To address the stigma surrounding mental health problems, the Royal Family’s Facebook page by Prince William shares a Face Time chat with Lady Gaga. Done remotely from their respective homes in London and Los Angeles, they discussed the importance of speaking in public about emotional issues so that people don’t feel they are alone.

Youtube video by; The Last News
[VIDEO]: Prince William and Lady Gaga FaceTime to Join Forces for Mental Health Awareness

Opening Up

Lady Gaga and Prince William have gotten together for the best-looking FaceTime conversation ever, building on her PTSD revelation from the end of last year as part of his effort to bring mental illness into the public conversation. On Tuesday, they posted a video of their online exchange, which you can watch here:

Lady Gaga’s Own Struggles

“In my life I go, ‘Oh my goodness, look at all these beautiful wonderful things that I have, I should be so happy,’ but you can’t help it if you wake up in the morning and you are so tired and you are so sad and you are so full of anxiety that you can barely think,” she says. Williams invited Gaga to participate after he read an open letter she issued through her Born This Way Foundation in which she revealed a sexual assault at 19 that left her with PTSD:

Addressing Mental Health Issues

Lady Gaga has teamed up with Prince William in a bid to end the “shame” of speaking out about mental health. In a FaceTime chat, the pair spoke about how important it is for people to feel they can speak openly about mental illness. Read more:

Not Hiding Anymore

Lady Gaga felt that people facing mental health challenges are “not hiding anymore.”.  William agrees to that but stresses to promote it more within the family. This is why he and his wife, Kate are hoping to encourage their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, to grow up feeling comfortable talking openly about their feelings. The Prince talks from first hand experience. His brother, Prince Harry was too affected by the death of their mother, Princess Diana.

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