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Lani Mercado’s Claim on Sandro Marcos was Indeed True


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: PBBM teases his son, Sandro about his girlfriend.

Lani Mercado’s Claim

Lani Mercado once dropped the bomb on Sandro Marcos’ current relationship. Her claim states that his girlfriend is from Bacoor, Cavite. There were speculations that his family is indifferent to Alexa Miro. But, to the contrary, PBBM teases his son during his inauguration as he points to the beautiful girl.

Always at the Campaign Period

Miro was aways spotted during the campaign period. But the attention was always with Sandro. So, there was no mallice at all when the two were always together. Not until Mercado described her during their campaign in Cavite. Her claim was indeed true.

Not Indifferent

The body languages of the father and son during the inauguration did not show indifference towards Miro. In fact, the father was equally excited as the son during her presence. So, all is well. It’s about time for the young congressman to have a pair.

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