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The Late Corazon Aquino would surely dislike Kris’s wearing Imelda’s jewelry

Corazon Aquino

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Humanity takes its toll when social media fanatics posted Kris Aquino wearing somewhat the same  necklace with that of former First Lady Imelda Marcos. It is just intriguing to note how resourceful people can be when it comes to destroying other people’s character.

[VIDEO]: See Kris Aquino’s denial on the accusation that she wore Marcos’ jewelry and her family took some of the valuables on safe keeping by the PCGG.

Kris had enough

“ENOUGH! And the TRUTH is on my side – including credit card receipts. P.S. I have a long-standing event for #ARIEL on Tuesday, even if my necklaces aren’t appropriate for showing how you can remove more than 100 different types of stains – what the heck, I’ll wear them. After all, I paid for them with hard earned, tax paid income; says, Kris.

She is back

It’s not my problem if others are using me or accusing me in hiding those who are stealing. To be perfectly clear, I’m not referring to Mrs. Marcos. So this is FAIR WARNING – stop lying about me if you don’t want your rotting skeletons unearthed. #IAMBACK,”clarifies Kris.

PCGG’s Confirmation

The issue just did not die down. Even after PCGG confirms that it is impossible that Kris could have gotten the jewelry. It is locked-in to the vault.

If Corazon Aquino is alive today

The Late Corazon Aquino also would not be happy with such rumor. So, better let it rest and we move forward as a nation. Not as divided political parties.

Took off from Work

Kris Aquino has just returned from a long vacation in Hawaii. She also discloses that she was doing a new project under APT Entertainment Inc. It is a subsidiary of Television And Production Exponents Philippines (TAPE) Inc.

Leave it at that

For peace sake, it is best to leave the rumors at that. If something is missing from Marcos’ inventory, better let the PCGG answerable for it. For sure dragging Kris to this anomaly is now what the Marcoses want also.

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