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Leni, Ping, Isko, and Ka Leody are Told: So, You Admit that they are NOT the Dead Marcos’ Ill-Gotten Wealth?


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Comelec debate: Bets tackle tax issue of no-show Marcos

Ill-Gotten Wealth or Collect P203-B in Estate Taxes?

Bongbong Marcos was right not to attend the Comelec debate. Despite being unable to defend himself from criticisms over his family’s alleged nonpayment of the said P203-B in estate taxes, his rivals Leni, Ping, Isko, and Ka Leody talked like they are experts in the subject. But comments show that their views are conflicting with their own ill-gotten wealth accusation.

Logical Question from a Political Analyst

Professor Antonio Contrras said to Leni, Ping, Isko and Ka Leody: If you insist that the government should collect the estate tax of the deceased Marcos Sr. which you claim to be a whopping 203 billion pesos, then are you admitting that most of his wealth is not ill-gotten?

Legal Reminders

An estate tax attaches only to legitimately owned estate that can be passed on to their heirs and not to ill-gotten ones which are forfeited in favor of government. Besides, no one can compel the Marcoses to pay for them if they do not want to claim them.

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