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‘LeniLeaks’ Style Adapted from Ninoy’s Discrediting Marcos in the US


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ninoy Aquino is a great speaker. He has the kind of charm that fascinates his audience with his brilliant jokes. However, the subject of his ridicule is former President Ferdinand E. Marcos and his wife, Imelda Marcos. Despite being a beneficiary of the first couple’s kindness, he is ambitious enough of power that he uses his talents to destroy the Marcoses. Nowadays, since Leni Robredo is not as popular as Ninoy Aquino then, she resorts to her influential contacts in the United States.

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Ninoy Aquino’s Speech in the US that Discredits Marcos

In a humorous way, Ninoy Aquino uses the alleged speech of a Japanese businessman who invested in the Philippines saying; The Filipino people are very lucky because they have a president who “robs” them and a first lady who “robs” them even more. Given that Japanese people cannot pronounce the “l” well. He also implies that those who believe in Marcos are crazy.  As he boasts, he travels on a hectic schedule just to give those kinds of speeches. No wonder, the media picked them up well and escalate them more – hurting the Marcoses.

#LeniLeaks is not the Original

Vice President Leni Robredo also travels to the US and gives speeches that discredit the Duterte administration. However, she needs a lot of help in doing that since she’s not that charismatic like Ninoy. She found an alliance in the Global Filipino Diaspora Council or GFDC where one of the founders id Atty. Loida Nicolas Lewis, a billionaire freedom who is into the empowerment of Filipino people. The group is only after what’s good for Filipinos – but since they are outside of the country, they can easily be poisoned by the wrong news and biased opinions for that matter.

Staging Protests, Social Media Campaigns, and Media Propaganda

The 16 million people who vote fro President Rodrigo Roa Duterte have nothing to worry about. The few protests carried out after the Marcos burial did not last long. They just die down on their own. The social media campaigns are immediately intercepted by pro-Duterte and Marcos groups. Mainstream media are not anymore as reliable before.

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Not a Big Thing

The  Global Filipino Diaspora Council Yahoo group is not meant to be private. It is meant to be shared to Filipinos worldwide. The discussions about discrediting the President is just from different individuals giving their own opinions. The only bizarre thing here is why the office of the Vice President is included in such discussions? In the past, the group reaches out to the government for some sponsorships in their global events. Perhaps the V.P. is sponsoring them?

What Manila Bulletin followers think about #LeniLeaks

VP office mum on #LeniLeaks

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