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Lewis: Bongbong Marcos Causes Destabilization by not Accepting Defeat

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Loida Nicolas Lewis explains her side of the “LeniLeaks” Story which actually makes sense. However, many Filipinos can’t forgive her for blaming Bongbong Marcos for causing destabilization. This shows that she can accept the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte but not the Marcos return to power. That is still biased and disrespectful to the will of the majority of Filipinos in the country.

[VIDEO]: Filipino-American community leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis has spoken out after weeks of keeping her silence on President Rodrigo Duterte’s accusations that she has been plotting to oust the Philippine president.

Duterte Resign Movement

Filipino-American billionaire Loida Nicolas-Lewis said there is no plot to oust President Rodrigo Duterte. Lewis denies Leni Robredo’s involvement in her group, composed of her supporters. They are asking for him to resign because they detest Bongbong Marcos. Lewis said the “Duterte Resign Movement” follows Duterte’s own words “that he would resign if drugs are still rampant six months after his inauguration.”

“LeniLeaks” not in Cabinet Agenda

A leak of emails from the supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo that call for the ouster of President Rodrigo Duterte is an issue being treated with “concern.”  However, Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella, however, clarifies that “LeniLeaks,” is not on the agenda of the cabinet meeting.

Robredo not an Overseas Filipino

“Our group has been fighting for Overseas Filipinos’ rights and Philippine sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea since its founding,” Lewis said emphasizing that Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC) is a public space. VP is not qualified to be a member of the GFDC, because she is not living or working overseas.

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No Tolerance for Dissent Criticisms

Lewis voices out her sentiments that the Duterte administration has no tolerance with dissent criticism which is part of democracy. Her group is just scared that Duterte will pass the presidency to Bongbong Marcos and this is what media should discover. Why does Lewis so afraid of Bongbong Marcos?

14 thoughts on “Lewis: Bongbong Marcos Causes Destabilization by not Accepting Defeat

  1. bakit cno kba LOIDA NICOLAS LIWIS?upang sabihin mong mgresign ang aming mahal na Pangulo?na ang hangad ay mawala ang mga masasamang tao tulad mo,wala kang karapatan kahit ikaw pinakamayaman sa buong mundo,rehistrado kba dito sa pilipinas?gumawa ka ng sarili mong bansa para ikaw ng Pangulo,

  2. Ikaw ang dapat mag resign sa kamay nang mga yellowtards. Pakialamirang American Frog wala kayong katahimikan .mga gahaman sa pera yan lang naman ang habol nyo sa bansa ang makurakot lahat nang kayaman sa Pinas at ngayon kahit ano pang gagawin nyo di talaga kayo uubra dahil ang kalaban nyo ay taong bayan.

  3. Those of you living outside the Philippines who are biased against President Duterte (who beat your boy Roxas by a landslide), your voice is as shrill as the crickets’, just noisy and without sense. Praises go to those who resoundingly supported Duterte abroad in the last elections. However, for people like you, Loida Nicolas “Lewis”, whose surname even represents the “foreigner” in you, beware as you are infringing on the rights bestowed on us purity-blooded filipinos living by our words, deed, and sacrifices within the bounds of our nation’s islands.

  4. Masiyadong papansin na ang impaktang iyan ah! Malaki na siguro ang nawawala sa kanyang kinikita sa drug trade sa pinas kaya parang asong kakaholkahol ang impakta!

  5. No Retreat No Surrender if you face a Cheater(L Robredo).

  6. To hell with you LOIDA NICOLAS LEWIS ……


  8. Resign? Who the hell you are? We don’t know you, whoever you are. You don’t have right ordering the President voted by the Filipinos to resign, are you a voter too? Mind your own and we will mind our country, stay outside the Philippines cuz we don’t need a lady dictator

  9. What a hypocrite this Loida Nicolas Lewis! BONGBONG MARCOS is the real VP ELECT. Why accept defeat when enormous evidences of FRAUD are being presented? Surely, BBM and his supporters will accept Robredo as VP if she can prove she really wonFAIR and square. YES LOIDA NICOLAS LEWIS, if FAIR and SQUARE!

  10. You do nat have the right to talk Loida Nicolas Lewis. You are a sham to us. You married a rich guy in america and you are no longer a citizen here. Mind your big shit.

  11. If I would be a politician with wrongdoings, then sure I’d be afraid of BBM, too. It seems to me he has it all, not to mention, his love for the Filipino people, just like Duterte. And for you, Ms. Lewis: the Filipino people understand when the president wasn’t able to tackle the drug issue in 6 months due to the fact that he didn’t realize how deep the problem really is. However, the man is working hard and I can only wish, all these politicians would help and support him after all, his war against drug is for the country’s benefit. Secondly, your asking him to resign and be replaced by Robredo who is not capable of such position would only be detrimental to the country and the people. Also, bear in mind that you can not just simply discount the people that voted Duterte like they don’t exist, or do you care??

  12. ngayon deni deny na nila yung leni leaks tpos c bbm na naman ngayon angy kasalanan dahil hindi daw marunong tumanggap ng pagkatalo. SPEAK IT TO YOU LP LEADER. dba kyo nha etong hindi marunong tumanggap ng pagka talo.

  13. Just like this Lewis woman, I was born and raised in the Phils but was lucky enough to live 22 years of my 25 years during the Marcos presidency. I am now an Australian. Our difference though is that I genuinely care about the Phils and its people. My honest opinion is that the Phils need Duterte and people like him to save the country. Our biggest difference Ms Lewis? I’m not a thick face like you are who thinks that just because you are well off in your country of citizenship gives you automatic right to meddle into the affairs of the Phils and its people who wants and needs the chance for a better future. You are proving the saying ‘…langaw na naka tungtung sa kalabaw…mas mataas pa sa kalabaw’ true!

  14. BBM is. No thief…. It is Leni your protégée wko is a thief… Pesos 64million..plunder case…..overnight thief of votes….now watch your language old lady. Better sleep your worry away. Dream of your 3rd dead husband who gave you wealth.. Kulang kalang SA sex

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