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Like a Love Film for Two Women in Love

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Aiza Seguerra’s recent marriage proposal to her girlfriend, Liza Dino was like a love film between two women. It was accepted wholeheartedly by the families of both parties and there were not much violent reactions from the dominantly Roman Catholic citizens of the Philippines. Here’s the news when Aiza asked Liza to be her partner for life:

Aiza surprises girlfriend with wedding proposal

By: iamtonico

MANILA – Singer-actress Aiza Seguerra and girlfriend of one year, Liza Diño, are now engaged.

A friend of the couple, Toni Co, shared videos and photos of Seguerra’s proposal in a series of posts on Instagram and Twitter. The proposal took place Friday at the Teatro Hermogenes Ylagan at University of the Philippines-Diliman.

This love film in real life can’t be criticized anymore although opposed by the church. We can really feel that the world is changing. Love and understanding were bestowed more instead of ugly criticisms. Nothing more is greater than that. When we learn to give love rather than hurt to others, it’s a good sign of spiritual maturity!

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