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Likely Presidential Bet, Bongbong Marcos Starts to Go Around

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

by Elena Grace Flores from MBC Network via DZRH

Bongbong Marcos Starts to Go Around
It is very seldom that the giant mainstream media would feature the activities of Bongbong Marcos. Thanks to reliable ones and social media. Some footages are now available. People in their locality are normally surprised that Marcos is a guest speaker of their local event. This is very evident in Cebu City with acting Vice Mayor Mike Rama and elsewhere. He’s very likely a presidential bet.

Leaving his Options Open

Bongbong Marcos is doing the advice of his late father. This is to leave his options open during elections. He will just decide on the position on what he would run for during the filing of candidacy. This is already in October. The last day of registration for voters is on September 30. Robinson’s Department stores would also serve as satellite registration centers.

The Marcos-Duterte Tandem

President Rodrigo Duterte assures the public during that SONA that he would continue the Build Build Build projects with Bongbong Marcos. He may joke about running for VP but in actuality, he is probably securing the position for his daughter, Mayor Sara. So, watch out for him or both in your locality.

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