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Liza & Bongbong Marcos, Happy to step back for Sandro

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Nothing is as stressful as the campaign period for politicians but it’s not over yet for Senator Bongbong Marcos – since the electoral protest process is still going on. However, family life continues and the funny thing is, it’s his son Sandro who became an instant social media star after he made comments online.

The senator or rather former senator is not anymore holding any vital position at the moment – but being a stage father for Sandro. He even joked that while Sandro’s message went viral via social media, no one was listening to his campaign speech.

The remarks saying; “The easiest way to politics is through showbiz,” was quite flattering to them because it means that Sandro has the qualities to be in that business aside from politics. Liza also threw her support by saying that the copuple will be contented to be Sandro’s manager. This way of handling family life is a great example that no matter how hard the family is going through, the good relationship between parents and their children will never change and that’s what Filipino family is all about.


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