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Loan Payback?: Kris Aquino Reveals the True Colors of Leni Robredo


By: Elena Grace Flores and Pinoy Streamline
for the graphics

[VIDEO]: Kris Aquino Talks Trash during Leni Robredo’s campaign rally in Tarlac.

Loan Payback to Kris Aquino?

The Dilawans are known to be pretentious and fraudulent. They allegedly promote democracy but their nature is a dictatorship. They call their opponents names with below-the-belt accusations. When their media propaganda boomeranged to them, their 2022 presidential bet, Leni Robredo changed her color to pink instead of yellow. Kris Aquino clearly reminded Robredo of the loan payback per se.

Bitter Heart

Many netizens who watched the full speech of Kris Aquino’s bitchy talks were disgusted with her unremorseful remarks. She is supposed to be very sick as per their own media news. But her heart shows only a bitter one. Aquino even used her dead brother to point out his similarities to Robredo. Proving that even if she’s pretending to be pink, she has to do the loan payback to the yellows.

True Colors

Robredo claims that she doesn’t have the money to run a presidential campaign. Now, she’s the highest-paying social media advertiser. She’s more likely to be the highest-paying mainstream media advertiser as well just like in 2016 – at the rate, the media propaganda against Bongbong Marcos is going. Kris Aquino was her highest donor last elections. Now, despite her illness, it seems that she’s demanding a loan payback from Robredo for the 2022 election.

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