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Long Wait for Paypal to Release Funds

By: Elena Grace Flores

English: Logo of PayPal. Español: Logotipo de ...
English: Logo of PayPal. Español: Logotipo de PayPal. Русский: Логотип системы PayPal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paypal has been around and there have been many users who are quite happy with it. In fact for a time there, it became a very popular online payment method – until complaints started to exist in various social media and review platforms! Here’s one disgusted user:

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What’s behind the sudden change of policies for new users of Paypal? Here are the requirements:

1. First, they have to complete 5 transactions without any buyer disputes, claims or returns.

2. Second of all, they must receive $100.00 in payments for goods and services.

3. Thirdly, they have to be a seller receiving payments with PayPal for at least 60 days from the date they receive their first payment – which is tough because there’s no short cut for this. They just have to wait.

Prior to achieving the above conditions, new users can only transfer money to their bank account after 21 days from receiving payments made to them. Not sure how these Paypal policies are related to Ebay’s updated regulations that created quite a stir. It did not help knowing that Ebay owns Paypal. The only thing that is clear here is that – both systems are trying to retain the cash flow for one complete banking cycle for whatever reason – to the expense of the users!

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