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Macalintal Belittles Bongbong Marcos on his Supreme Court Demands

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo’s lawyer, Atty. Romulo Macalintal mocks Bongbong Marcos for petitioning the Supreme Court or the PET to assign three hearing officers for his election protest. He also belittles him for his alleged impatience urging the SC to expedite the process. He insinuates that Marcos cannot wait to be in power.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo’s lawyer on Wednesday criticized former Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. for petitioning the Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), to assign three hearing officers for his poll protest.

Premature Move

Election lawyer, Macalintal describes Marcos’ move as “very premature.” Marcos’ call was apparently aimed at giving satisfaction to the public interest by giving them the answer as to where their votes went for the Vice Presidential race. The veteran lawyer mocks the action as if the 15-member PET will believe his claims before it could hear the case.

Pending Issues

Macalintal reminds the public that the PET has to decide yet if it would act on the three main issues which Marcos mentioned in his election protest. This is on top of their camp’s pending resolutions considered as their delaying tactics by Marcos’ lawyers. The high court is scheduled to take up the matter during its preliminary conference on June 21.


Robredo’s camp throws back rumors unto Marcos that she is in a hurry to be president. The Liberal Party players are already worried of the president’s silence about Marcos in these past few months. They are suspecting that some influences are gearing up into putting him as Du30’s successor. Macalintal insinuates that Marcos is not only impatient to be Vice President but might be aiming for the presidency.

Bout for the Presidency

Do this concerns mean that Robredo is actually defending her chance to be president and not just the VP post? It is very obvious that LP members are indeed disturbed with this scenario that Marcos will eventually end up to be president sooner rather than later. Just review the media propaganda from various pro-LP publication both online and offline.

1 thought on “Macalintal Belittles Bongbong Marcos on his Supreme Court Demands

  1. It appears,atty Romy” technicality”Makalintal is so much focused on how to delay the proceedings rather than to get on how to defend his client Leni Robredo regarding the alleged “dayaan”in the last national election,,Parang nakaka-duda na nga,,and I’m beginning to believe with some “humors “that the “top-caliber lawyer” of the land is very well known for his expertise in “delaying tactics”,,”T,R,O”,,,”motion for recons.”,,and in addition to the rumors,,”Nananalo lang daw sa kaso si atty,,dahil sa “technicalities ” ng kalaban””,,,Apparently those allegations are true,,Sana harapin na ni atty Makalintal ng “utak sa utak” ang kalaban,,at huwag na siyang magtago sa TRO,,motion for reconsideration,etc,,or in short delaying tactics,,,”You can delayed the proceedings,,you can delayed the outcome of the case,,,but you can’t and never,,never can’t stop and prevent the truth to come out,,,God knows who lied,,He know everything,,,,,

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