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Macalintal Prays that Supreme Court wont Dismiss Robredo’s Counter-Protest Despite Nonpayment

Supreme Court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

People who do not want to follow the law because it is at their disadvantage will do anything to twist it. This is what Leni Robredo’s lawyer, Atty. Romulo Macalintal is doing. It is actually a tough test for the Supreme Court.  Will they tolerate their wrong action or simply follow the law for Bongbong Marcos’ advantage?

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo’s counter-protest against former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. should not be dismissed for non-payment of the fees required by the Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), to process her case,

Bongbong Marcos Filed for Robredo’s Counter-Protest Dismissal

Romulo Macalintal opposed Marcos’ appeal to the PET to dismiss the counter-protest of Robredo over his electoral protest despite failing to pay the first tranche of P8 million. It is required by the SC to process her counter-protest. Bongbong Marcos cited two cases to support his call to dismiss the counter-protest, namely, Garcia vs HRET and Lloren vs Comelec. But Macalintal did not agree with this.

Macalintal’s Argument

Macalintal argued that the case of Garcia vs HRET refers to a disqualification case. It is where a cash deposit was required simultaneously with the filing of the case. “Unlike an election protest, it does not require the retrieval of ballot boxes;” he said. Lloren vs Comelec, on the other hand, refers to the failure to pay the appeal fee when the case is appealed to the poll body; he added.

Supreme Court’s Test

The Supreme Court that acts as Presidential Electoral Tribunal will surely not please everybody. It can dismay Robredo’s supporters if it follows the law or would face enormous distrust from Marcos supporters if they tolerate Robredo. Nevertheless, the issue would go through the voting process. It is interesting to know who are the justices will vote for what.

Inaction Means Careful Deliberation

Will the Supreme Court hear Macalintal’s prayers or favor Bongbong Marcos’ pleas to dismiss Robredo’s counter-protest? This remains to be seen until now for quite a time. Perhaps, the Supreme Court is very careful in making a decision on this matter because the people are watching – and Marcos might soon be the DILG Secretary.

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