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Mainstream Media Lost their Credibility on BBM’s Oxford Record Propaganda


By: Elena Grace Flores

Robin Sweet Showbiz

[VIDEO]: Young Researchers Online Blast Rappler’s Lie on BBM’s Degree

Unreliable Mainstream Media

Netizens come to realize that people should not believe all the reports of the mainstream media. Young online researchers found out that the source of these news outlets is a hoax. Rappler namedrops Oxford and a certain Cathy King in its alleged report on BBM’s degree. They all have the Rappler link as their source.

The Registrar’s Office has no Access

The young researchers then found out that Cathy King is actually Catherine King who is the secretary of Oxford’s registrar’s office. Their website also has a disclaimer stating that their office has no access to the students’ record.

Name-dropping of the Biased Media

Rappler’s technique of convincing people with their lies is to use a credible name as their source. Without their consent, it is name-dropping. The rest of the media on mainstream follow suit. Where is investigative reporting now? These young netizens online show that they can do a better job in news reporting. Thus, giving mainstream media a bad name.

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