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Makati Constituents’ Health is Abby Binay’s Top Priority

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There’s really no place like Makati in the Philippines in terms of genuine public service. Mayor Abby Binay claim for the responsibility as the head of the city came a week after assuming office saying that: “The health of our constituents is still the city’s top priority. I will see to it that the immediate concerns will be addressed promptly so we can deliver the best health services to our constituents.

She expressed this assurance after inspecting all the medical facilities in Makati as she took over Acting Mayor Romulo Pena after winning the recent election. Despite Pena’s less than a year stay, the quality of the services and supplies is already deteriorating. Prompting mayor Binay to review all purchase orders and order immediate repairs of the Hospital ng Makati and the maintenance of the air-conditioning units of the establishments including that of the health centers.

The Binays are noted to be very particular in the public services provisions in Makati that they hope to extend to its sister cities – so that Filipinos nationwide can have access to good healthcare, education and livelihood programs. The Binay Foundation also sponsored an insurance policy for registered residents’ burial, funeral coverage and emergency claim but it was discontinued during Pena’s time. Now, residents are hoping that the Serbisyong Tunay program would be resumed at the soonest possible time. These privileges are on top of the free medications, books, shoes and uniforms – plus senior citizens’ awesome benefits.


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