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Malacañang: The Other Side of EDSA Not Known through the Mainstream Media


By: Elena Grace Flores

Katipunan ng Demokratikong Pilipino

[VIDEO]: The Other Side of Edsa | The Rita Gadi Hour

EDSA is Not an Uprising but a Mutiny

The former defense minister, Juan Ponce Enrile did not see eye to eye with General Fabian C. Ver. The latter remained loyal to the late President Ferdinand Marcos until the end. Fidel Ramos was the head of the Philippine constabulary. Then a soldier, Gringo Honasan also led his faction of military men. They all had issues with their ranks. Thus, the mutiny at EDSA happened, as per Enrile’s revelation to Bongbong Marcos.

EDSA Rivalry Eases in Time

Enrile was fearful that when Marcos dies, General Ver would put him in prison. Then, the government of Imelda Marcos would take over. This is why he launched such mutiny at EDSA. However, during one of the birthday celebrations of Mrs. Marcos, Enrile sat beside her. So, the rivalry eases up in time.

Bongbong Marcos Support

The late president is not the target of the EDSA mutiny. The rebel soldiers just want to prevent Mrs. Marcos and General Ver from running the country. Ex-President Marcos won the snap election. But the late Cory Aquino launched media propaganda to brainwash the people saying that he cheated. This is to prevent him from taking office. Therefore, her presidency was after all an illegitimate one.

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