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Malaysian and Filipino Humor is Unanimous with “PUKI” or “UKIP” Brexit Campaigner’s Flag

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Simple happenings never failed to remind us that despite living in different countries and fighting over different goals like the Sabah Claim issue, Filipinos and Malaysians are similar in many ways – due to their common origin that can be traced back from the 9 Datus of Borneo as history dictates.

One close similarity of course is the language since both Malay and Filipino languages derived from Sanskrit words – thus explaining the common words in both languages although they differ in grammar and pronunciation. “PUKI” refers to vagina in Malay and Filipino.

So, just imagine Filipinos and Malaysians seeing the leading “Brexit” campaigner Nigel Farage when pictured underneath a banner that accidentally spelled out “UKIP” to “PUKI” over the internet. Faraj which is also close to Farage’s family name also means the same in Malaysia’s local term. At least the laughter that resulted from that made that news viral over the net which is more fun than the territorial dispute.


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