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Managing a Team Online

By: Elena Grace Flores

Knowledge Management Cafe
Knowledge Management Cafe (Photo credit: Emilie Ogez)

Managing a team online is very challenging especially because you do not see body language and reactions in the flesh when working with your team. It’s always been my intention to help others succeed, as what I’ve learned in past experiences in management. Despite of the efforts to help them, three team members were fired. So, I started searching for answers online – where else? To my surprise, I did not expect finding very sensible and relevant management tips from a war Veteran!  Watch this:

Essentials of Managing an Online Business

Posted at Youtube by: Douglas Daniel

Demanding commitment and to be able to measure inputs are the ones that strike me the most. It’s not enough that we were trying to be lenient for the team to learn the system imposed in each task and to give them ample room for creativity and productivity – by allowing them to work independently – with the management’s support of course. Total commitment is needed along with the manager’s ability to measure the quality and quantity of the work done – and to be able to communicate this to the staff in a regular basis. This way, team members will not take their duties for granted! 

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