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Manny Pacquiao is a Knockout Puncher No More

By: Elena Grace Flores
During Bob Arum’s recent interview through Yahoo Sports Philippines, he mentioned that due to age, Manny Pacquiao is not anymore the kind of a knockout puncher as he was before. This he said is true to any boxer. Despite of that, he is still very confident that Manny still has the ability to be a great boxer. Read this to clarify:

Boxing News 2014: Manny Pacquiao Already Lost KO Power, Says Bob Arum

By: Lou Ramon Aguila

Arum, who has been in the business way back during the Muhammad Ali era, believed Pacquiao might have lost his menacing one-punch knockout power but not his skills to fire shots from different angles. Arum stressed Pacquiao is not a one-punch knockout artist, but a boxer that deteriorated his opponent through landing a barrage of shots.

Manny Pacquiao might have lost his KO power but it does not mean that the great Filipino fighter will not beat his opponent anymore. He still have the strength, quickness and the technical skills to outsmart any boxer with the same caliber as him or even more. Manny Pacquiao’s fight regardless of who is opponents is will still be very interesting to watch.

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