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Many Know Now but Only PBBM Knows How to Fully Use the People’s Wealth

people's wealth

By: Elena Grace Flores

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[VIDEO]: PBBM Honors his Father’s Will for the People’s Wealth

The People’s Wealth

The late president Ferdinand Marcos may not have had the chance to explain his gold collection. But he made sure that 97% of them would become the people’s wealth. Only 3% goes to his family. His detractors were not successful in poisoning the minds of Filipinos. His son won as the 17th president of the Philippines with a super-majority vote of 31 million.

He Knows It

In 2016, PBBM jokes that only he knows where the gold is. However, based on the announcement of Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno, it seems that many knew where it is. Only, they look at its provision in the constitution as a liability. Diokno said that the country owns 10% of the international gold reserves. The only way to use this part of the people’s wealth legally is through loans for the country’s development.

A Visionary Indeed

The brilliant president the country ever had was a visionary indeed. His detractors accused him of ill-gotten wealth. But now it’s clear that there’s an unexplained people’s wealth. The debt scare is clearly a way for the anti-Marcos to discredit nationalistic leaders.¬† Former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for one. He adopts the Build Build Build project of former President Marcos. They have yet to confirm that loans from the ADB helped to finance some of the infrastructure projects. Since the loans from China did not materialize. That can explain the people’s wealth at the World Bank soon.

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