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Many People Allow Trillanes’ Bluffs to Ruin Binay – Will you Do the Same to the President?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Up to this date, many people still hate Former Vice President Jejomar Binay after Trillanes’ highly publicized senate probe against him. He accuses him of massive corruption from millions of bank account money to the alleged Hacienda Binay assumptions. After Binay lost in the 2016 elections, it’s Trillanes who is arrested for libel. Since the oral defamation case is bailable, he is free on bail but continues the same trick – but this time against the President, an ally of Binay.

Youtube video by; 24Oras Nakatutok
[VIDEO]: TRILLANES calls DUTERTE’s order to AMLC a political bluff! Panoorin

Trillanes is Just Bluffing

Veteran lawyer, Bonifacio Alentajan said that Trillanes clearly has no proof to back his claims against the President. He calls his allegations “pure hearsays” as the senator couldn’t even disclose where he gets his information. Anybody can produce such a list and claim that it belongs to somebody else.

Ethics Complaint

Alentajan, who files a plunder case against former Budget chief Florencio Abad over the pork barrel scam in 2015, said that if he is the counsel of the President, he would file an ethics complaint against Trillanes. This can be filed before the Senate for unparliamentary behavior. Simply for making accusations against Digong in public instead of filing an impeachment case. He is willing to offer his legal services just like what he did with former Budget secretary Florencio Abad.

LP Loyalty

Alentajan said Trillanescan act on his own to gain popularity but it is also possible that some Liberal Party personalities back him up. Trillanes becomes a “dangerous person” not because of what he knows but because he has little knowledge on legal processes and use that innocence in talking nonsense that some people listen to.

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A Sociopath who has No Clue

Alentajan said that the senator displays in Senate investigations, how little he knows about interrogating a resource person.Trillanes should first study the basics of interrogation particularly its four techniques – confrontation, probing, undermining and insinuation. Trillanes is just a sociopath willing to do what it takes through manipulation, confusion, and pretension to achieve his goals to ruin a political enemy. Sociopaths are completely not capable of giving love or care to others. That makes him more dangerous.

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