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Marcoleta: Voters Need Justice for BBM’s Election Protest

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By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by BANAT BALITA

Marcoleta: BBM’s protest is a case of public interest

Pulic Interest

Rep. Rodante Marcoleta’s wit was imminent during the ABS-CBN’s prolonged hearings. He got the approval of the people for being so direct, lawful, and efficient pro-administration defenses and attacks. When it comes to Bongbong Marcos’ election protest against VP Leni Robredo, he said that this is public interest. People need justice. They want to know that their votes went to the right candidate.

Delayed Election Protest and More

Not acting promptly on a case is a grieve offense. Associate Justice Marvic Leonen who is in charge of Bongbong Marcos’ election protest who sits on it for 8 months now. He also keeps on delaying the process for 3 long years. Petition and motions are thrown without proper agenda. His removal from the Supreme Court is necessary, said Marcoleta.

Number One with the Most Pending Cases

Leonen’s being number one with the most pending cases constitutes to non performing of tasks effectively. Violation of the Constitution made unintentionally, in good faith, and mere mistakes in the proper construction of the Constitution, do not constitute an impeachable actions or inactions. But in his case, he is totally not doing his job to the best of his ability, implied Marcoleta. Therefore, the impeachment complain against him is very heavy.

2 thoughts on “Marcoleta: Voters Need Justice for BBM’s Election Protest

  1. Well done Mr. Marcoleta . Very well said .

  2. Impech leni robredo and leonen now !!!!!

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