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Marcos’ Burial can set things straight on his Heroism and will disclose the real Culprit

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
As quoted in this Manila Times article – “The placing of the dead,” writes the British anthropologist Nigel Barley, “is never arbitrary. It is a clear act of classification and a statement of where they belong.” – simply explains the Marcoses’ goal of burying their dead into his rightful plot as a symbol of their struggle to open the eyes of Filipinos that contrary to the media propaganda staged by the real culprit Ninoy Aquino against the great leader Ferdinand E. Marcos, he was only doing what’s good for the Filipino masses within the power bestowed upon him.

The burial might start with a long procession – perhaps from Batac, Ilocos Norte to be exaggerated going towards the “Libingan ng mga Bayani” in the greater Manila area, with flamboyant flowers and ornaments decorating the passageways along land, seas and air channels – and accompanied by never ending drum and bugle core playing the cha cha or never ending Filipino serenade that used to be the late President’s theme song with his wife, then First Lady Imelda, “Dahil Sa ‘Yo”. The point is, no matter how grand the final ceremony can become, mark these words: tears of joy will be shed that finally, the best ever president is getting the right burial fit for how he was as a leader loved by many if not all.

This burial will serve as enlightenment that Marcos the great was not a dictator – for all the things he did were within the mandate of the Philippine constitution. There are also no hidden wealth to be recovered because he never had fair trials that can accuse him that. If the family became wealthy it’s simply because of his brilliance negotiating with international commerce that made his reign the golden era of the Philippines. Finally, Marcos’ burial in the Heroes’ Cemetery will put an end to the lies of the yellow faction that until now still trying to cheat their way back into power – just to serve the greedy intentions of the so-called “elite wannabes”!


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