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Marcos Camp: Comelec Did not Grant Server Audit by IT Expert

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Commission on Elections did not grant the request of the Marcos camp to perform an audit of the Smartmatic server by own selected IT experts to prove that the script change was really a cosmetic one – or just changing the spelling of a candidate’s name which is already a balony given that any script change during an ongoing process can disrupt the system totally.

A Smartmatic technician added the script into the automated election system’s transparency server while it was supposed to transmit reports for the unofficial counts that can be picked up by selected media continously in real time. Trend change was noted that concided with the time of the alteration favoring Leni Robredo for the Vice Preidential race instead of the leading candidate, Bongbong Marcos.

Legal terms are now being prepared to force Comelec into submitting to a thorough system audit as Comelec chair, Andres Bautista deferred Marcos’ request to audit after proclamation of the President and Vice President – that is being criticized by Jonathan dela Cruz, Abakada party-list representative because it will not be understood how the change can affect the system transmissions if not through server audit. The winners of the top two positions can be proclaimed at the same time by Wednesday next week. This seems to be the ultimate goal of the Comelec.


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