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Marcos Camp: Martial Law Fears Before are Non-existent this Time

martial law

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. George Erwin Garcia from Bongbong Marcos’ camp clarifies that the fears in the past martial law are not present in the current situation. Instantly, rumors are verified through social media unlike before that people so not have their own news outlet.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Atty, Erwin Garcia, Bongbong Marcos’ lawyer justifies martial law.

No Fears Like Marcos’ Time

Atty. Garcia thinks that the president should be given ample time to explain to Congress his reasons for the martial law declaration. There’s seems to be no problem in this area but it is better to make everything official. Certainly, there are no fears like during Marcos time because military abuses can be hidden. Today’s technology makes everything so obvious in real-time.

Responsible Citizenship

He also expresses that if some citizens would go against the president for whatever reason, they can add up to the country’s problem. People should just obey the leader during these trying times. It can make the job of the president easier.

Trust the President

“Let us trust the President Rodrigo Duterte. His judgment is the best judgment as of now. We will observe how Congress will react to the declaration of martial law in Mindanao,” said lawyer Joel Obar, national chairman of the Peoples Solidarity Federal Party. The president is in the process of exhausting all remedies to protect the country and trusting him is the best thing to do, he said.

Support of Muslim Communities

Field commanders are instructed to coordinate with Muslim communities and barangay officials in their areas of responsibility. The police forces surely have the support of the Muslim communities. The terrorists would find it hard also to penetrate the Christian areas like Western Visayas. They cannot easily scout for support from the civilians unlike in Mindanao. The country can eventually be saved from the outlaws.

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