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Marcos-Duterte: It will Break the President’s Heart if Sara Duterte becomes President

Sara Duterte

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by GMA Public Affairs
Sara Duterte as President, is it a yes for Tatay Digong?

It Will Break His Heart

When asked if he is in favor of her daughter Sara Duterte running as a presidential candidate, the president took his time to answer. Does he want her daughter to share the same fate as him?

Sara Duterte as President

President Rodrigo Duterte responds to Unang Hirit’s question on the possible presidential candidacy of his daughter, Sara Duterte come 2022. He said with a heavy heart that you never want to put a loved one in the same position as you. Your bank accounts will be scrutinized and personal life will be dug into. That would be heartbreaking, he insinuates.

Marcos-Duterte Tandem

It is undeniable that a Marcos-Duterte tandem would be a blast. Sara Duterte may be the hottest presidentiable right now said Bongbong Marcos’ sister, Senator Imee Marcos. However, Mayor Duterte is keen to run only as Vice President as she jokes earlier. Although she swears to make Davao progressive to help her father’s presidency. It is quite a stir when the Senator officially announces in a public speech that the Marcos-Duterte alliance is getting stronger than ever.

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  1. BBM be the best presidenciable candidate next election.we want Marcos ✌️✌️✌️

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