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Marcos’ Golden Age is Enhanced by Aquino’s Dysfunctional Performance

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
People who knew the truth will indeed reason out that Marcos’ era was a “golden age” and since the two terms of the Aquino’s are not any better, the popularity of that Marcos time can only be expounded. Under the Duterte administration, Bongbong Marcos can continue to insist that the nation needs to “move on from Martial Law propaganda and focus on solving problems of the present.

It does not matter if Bongbong Marcos will emerge victorious or not after his electoral protest for as long as he is certain that his seat is kept warm for him by no other than President Duterte of course, who continously ignore Leni Robredo during his cabinet meetings.

Perhaps, it’s about time to correct the media propaganda initiated by Ninoy Aquino against Marcos – by blaming the late president for martial law killings and human rights violations of those times. When in fact, most human rights lawyers during the martial law period are now backing up Bongbong Marcos to set the record straight and one prominent lawyer at that happens to be the outgoing Vice President Jejomar Binay.


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