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Marcos Loyalists’ Response: She is Fooling Herself!


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Coach Jarret

The Presumptive VP is Making a Fool of Herself

The Marcos Loyalists Responded

Leni Robredo’s sympathy sounds like a mockery to the Marcos loyalists. To belittle their understanding is a sign of poor taste. Negative responses like calling her names; porridge, fake, and stupid are just too common. She’s just fooling herself to believe that she has won the VP race, said one. Whether she likes it or not, her position as VP is still illegitimate until the Supreme Court makes a ruling on the Bongbong Marcos election protest.

Insensitive to the Sentiments of the People

Bongbong Marcos has 8 full-load boxes of evidence from supporters nationwide. Robredo cannot discount the efforts of the loyalists by saying that she has their sympathy. It’s betrayal more than pity. Remember that most people fall asleep the day after the election thinking that the new VP is Marcos. He had 3 million votes lead at that time. Only to be awaken that Robredo surpasses his votes. The worst thing is that, the diversion only happens within the 3-hour wee hours.

Magic or Fraud

A loyalist asked; How could Robredo thinks that her party did not cheat when the Comelec Chair, Andres Bautista is still on exile? Is she just a good actress or she has already believed in her own lies? She is right to say that she was nothing but by all means, her affiliation was in the position to manipulate the Startmagic!

VP Robredo on Marcos supporters: ‘I pity them’

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