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Marcos is Marcos: Pnoy’s Efforts in Bringing Down Marcos’ Golden Age Failed

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Bongbong Marcos who billed himself as a decisive “get-things-done” leader — could have won the Vice Presidency if not because of the election anomalies staged before him by Pnoy’s Liberal Party. The Liberal bet Leni Robredo, who won the race will always be under the microscope of the grilling public whom many of them symphatized with Bongbong. Even the Bicol region is now divided with what’s happening during the dirty election.

Why does Bongbong Marcos still remain appealling to the Filipino people – despite Pnoy’s constant bashing during speeches whenever he can against Ferdinand E. Marcos’ golden age? Even more so after the election when evidences of election fraud started to emerge – and then the upcoming election protest, plus possible recount.

Marcos is Marcos and for sure, it runs in the blood. The intelligence, charm and wit paired with sincerity and reliability cannot be faked, regardless of the negative media propaganda against him. After all, Marcos is Marcos and the truth will set the family free – and Philippines will be great again during his time as soon to be President.

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