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Marcos respects the will of the people but they deserve the truth

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The camp of Senator Bongbong Marcos through Atty. George Garcia said that Marcos respects the electoral process and the will of the Filipino people. They congratulated Leni Robredo for winning the official Vice Presidential race – but they owe it to their supporters to dig deeper and let the truth come out amidst massive cheating reports.

It was noted that there were 3.9 million undervotes for vice president which is a lot more than 1% of the acceptable rate against the total number of votes. Garcia mentioned that the collecting evidences and affidavits is part of the preparation for elctoral process which could be underway when ready.

Another option can be manual counting of votes – to be really sure where those undervotes went. Garcia was also the lawyer of Migz Zubiri against Koko Pimentel but they end of widrawing because Zubiri would rather not serve if there’s cheating involved in his winning the senatorial seat. Now, the case is opposite. His client is now the one in koko Pimentel’s place so, a very interesting story to follow through.


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