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Marcos Wealth is already Put to Use by the Duterte Administration

Marcos wealth

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

President Duterte Stops the Marcos Wealth Court Cases
Senator Imee Marcos is grateful to President Rodrigo Duterte for putting a stop to the more than 3 decades of Marcos wealth court cases. The PCGG cannot provide evidence that they are ill-gotten wealth. In fact, the lack of accountability made the debunk agency the robber of some of the country’s inheritance.

Not to Return but to Transfer

President Duterte is furious with the PCGG for just sequestering and selling the personal possessions of the Marcoses. They do not even know if the owners of the Marcos wealth found are really the Marcoses or the Filipino people. Duterte said that the Marcoses are willing to transfer everything to the country. After all, this is what the late President Ferdinand Marcos wants as per his last will and testament.

Only Most Filipinos Do Not Know about the Marcos Wealth

The Marcoses do not or cannot hold Marcos wealth for themselves. They are fully documented by international Financial bodies. Also, they are the wealth for humanity currently earning huge interests from 170 countries. The country needs Bongbong Marcos to make its transfer a priority. Currently, the Philippines enjoy an almost 0 percent interest for loans from the World Bank.

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