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Marcos Wealth Quitclaim Settlement

Marcos wealth

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

No Disunity under the Duterte Administration on the Marcos Wealth
Bongbong Marcos said that President Rodrigo Duterte’s interest on the Marcos wealth is for the people. Unlike previously, they are only after the welfare of their party. He added that his family has a very consistent stand on this issue. The properties they have from even before 1965 are clearly theirs. Other than that, they impose a quitclaim settlement.

Quit Claim Settlement

Marcos clarifies that they will cooperate with the government. This is in tracing the whereabouts of the Marcos wealth in question. He refers to the gold reserves that his mother once revealed to Former Mayor Lito Atienza. The same gold certificates are under the Marcos foundation. She appealed to Congress before but to no avail. The former first lady in an interview with GMA’s Mel Tiangco also showed the bill of ladings of these said possessions to the public. A quitclaim is at hand for their settlement with the Marcoses.

National Interest

The Marcoses are confident with President Duterte. He is a leader who is always working for national interest. He may be a tough-talker. But he dedicates his life for his people. This made him in line with the intentions of the Marcoses.

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