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Marcos: Win or Lose, his time for top office will come

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Bongbong Marcos just requested an official canvass and to stop the unofficial server count. He never said that there’s fraud yet. He was just fazed with so many irregularities in the inconsistent number of votes reported. Duterte, the incoming president vowed to look into this.

He said; “In this hotty contested Vice Presidential unofficial results and even reports of irregularities, we call on our supporters and the public to monitor calm and sobriety, and to maintain calm and sobriety, and to await these official results, we appeal for vigilance so that, ultimately, whoever may be proclaimed as winners, the true voice of the Filipino people will prevail.”

Win or lose, a Marcos is a Marcos and he will have his stint in the top office at the right time!

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