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Maria Ressa of the ‘F’ News Outlet Gives Nobel a Bad Name!

Maria Ressa

By: Elena Grace Flores
ABC News (Australia)

Maria Ressa is Spreading Lies to the World
The alleged first-ever Filipina who won the Nobel prize, Maria Ressa is spreading lies again to the world. This is during her international interview after her award that not many Filipinos are happy about. Only the anti-government media channels feature her achievement that many find ridiculous as a fake news queen herself. They do their own fact-checks. But these platforms favor only messages that are in line of their beliefs. Where is democracy? Perhaps Ressa can do a bit of research on the meaning of “dictator.” It is impossible to have one in the Philippines because of the three branches of government for check and balance.

Period of Substitution

Ressa, a dual U.S.-Filipino citizen, and her Rappler online news platform face several other legal cases. She has some convictions while others are dismissed. These are aside from numerous libel cases. Tax offenses and violation of foreign ownership rules in media are still in court. She criticizes the current substitution strategy of Duterte for the upcoming election. Presidential spokesperson, Harry Roque calls her website a “fake news outlet.”

Stopping Duterte’s End?

The daughter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Mayor Sara forges an alliance with Bongbong Marcos. He’s the son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos whom most Filipinos perceive as the best president the country ever had. The younger Marcos sets his bid for the Philippine presidency. This is together with the Duterte’s. Although that does not surprise Ressa. She said that it may be their way to stop Duterte’s end. So, stay tuned with her tax evasion and other cases. She might deny them. But one thing is sure; Most Filipinos hate her guts!

Maria Ressa of the ‘F’ News Outlet Gives Nobel a Bad Name!

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