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Mark Herras is already a Single Dad

By: Elena Grace Flores
Ada is the name of Mark Herras’s 3-month old baby girl! Rumors of such situation that have been going around ever since – but now it became anĀ  honest confession from a dad who loves his daughter more than anything else. It is for sure not easy for Mark to keep this reality for quite a time and telling the truth on TV may be a great relief for him.

His circle of friends including ex-girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado and also a single mom expressed her full support to Mark. Kris Lawrence understands what Mark has been through because he was in the same situation as well. Getting the courage to come out from this secret is really admirable for the love of his daughter.

It is not however clear who the mother of his baby is. Mark just assured mother and daughter with his full support. It was also mentioned that they are not living together – but not clear if Mark and the mother of his child are still together. For sure, more news regarding this are on the way!

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