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Martial Law Abuses Got Nothing To Do With Bongbong Marcos & Can’t Deny His Father’s Efforts For The Country


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The truths about martial law should contain everything that has happened and not just selective. Abuses did happen at that time but they are committed mostly by the members of the Philippine Constabulary that ex-President Ramos headed. Why condemn the dead or Bongbong Marcos for that matter?

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia
[VIDEO]: Let the truth about Ferdinand Marcos be told

Martial Law Museum Tells One Side of the Story

In the quest to revise martial law history, the People Power Experimental Museum is said to take you to a journey back to the martial law years. It combines theater with real live actors, cinema, photography and other forms of performing arts. It recreates stories of martial law and the bloodless revolution that finally restored democracy but still did not improve governance. It reinforces the story that the four days at EDSA in February 1986 was the realization of false hope after martial law – Sept. 21, 1972. That is only one side of the story.

Edsa Revolt Just Made It Worst

Where are we now after almost 30 years? Two terms of the Aquinos were not enough to even do a bit of Marcos’ service to the people. Many people realized that the Marcos days are even better even with the isolated cases of abuses that are also happening today but in different forms. At least in the past, decent livelihood and the healthy lifestyle are what Filipinos can be proud of.

Media Pains are not Inflicted by Bongbong Marcos

There are people in the media who are trying to convince many that the martial law years did not really happen but this should not be the case. Imprisoned members of the media were – Chino Roces, Teodoro Locsin, Jose Mari Velez, Max Soliven, Nap Rama, Geny Lopez and many others. It is understandable that some media can be indifferent to the Marcoses but they should know that the president at that time is already dead. Bongbong Marcos got nothing to do with it.

Marcos’ Nation Building through Public Services

The truth about martial law should not also fail to mention the achievements of the great president, Ferdinand E. Marcos. Compared to any other president that came after him, he has the smallest budget but her public services projects were not only abundant but also world-class and functional. They are even made beautiful by his wife, former First Lady, Imelda Romualdez Marcos.



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