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Martial Law is not Only Marcos: Knowledgeable Filipinos know that it was Necessary


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
All sectors of the government during the late Ferdinand E. Marcos’ time approved of the Martial Law declaration from the judiciary to the senate. Marcos’ job was only to proclaim it. It was studied and suggested by Senator Juan Ponce Enrile who was Secretary of Defense at that time. He was also the legal consultant of the late president. He agrees with what Marcos said that it was necessary because there was anarchy in the country.

Youtube video by; drei ibanez
[VIDEO]: The Hidden Truth About Martial Law in the Philippines!
Not being published by books and the TV/radio media! Watch, listen and comprehend.

Martial Law Topples Corruption by Installing an Ombudsman

Allegations of corruptions were verified by the Ombudsman. Cases were filed to those with concrete evidence. To this date, the Ombudsman still exist but many high profile cases like the alleged Binay corruption cannot stand in court due to lack of evidence. Just hearsays and mere senate dramas. The same thing with the alleged massacres during Martial Law. If there were really massacres. why don’t the victims’ families file cases when they were given free legal assistance by two Aquino governments?

Negotiation with the American Bases

Marcos never quoted a lump sum for the rental of the American bases. The late president negotiated that it should not be called US aid rather rental for the venue of the American military presence in Southeast Asia.

Land Reforms and Infrastructures

Land reforms were initiated. Agriculture and fisheries were developed. Abundant yields generate from those projects. Rice was exported that very age. The country was the leading economic tiger during Martial Law Days. Most of the infrastructures then are still enjoyed by the present generation. In fact, no new infrastructures in the country can ever surpass the greatness of those built by Marcos through the brilliance of his Secretary for Public Works and Highways, Jesus Hipolito.

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Martial Law was Studied Carefully by All Branches

Martial Law was not only Marcos’ doing. The cabinet discussed the matter agreed with the military. All sectors agreed that Martial Law was needed to rescue and restore the country. Enrile’s supporting EDSA was for the country to survive and save the Marcos family as well. Different things are told by people who did not really experience Martial Law. People who were arrested created trouble. If they are really victims of abuses, they should have filed cases.

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