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Massive Degree of Support Seen: Arat na Cebu Crowd Puts Pressure on Uniteam to Bring BBM to the City


By: Elena Grace Flores

VenSoy Tisoy

[VIDEO]: The Arat na Cebu concert in Cebu with guests, Mayor Mike Rama and Raymond Garcia got an overwhelming number of attendees as they chant BBM upon entering the gate.

Degree of Support for BBM

A mainstream media article estimates the attendees of the Arat na Cebu concert earlier at 60 to 65000. But there should be more. People are continuously filling in as the program goes. The massive degree of crowd chants BBM as they try to get in to the gate of the Cebu City Sports Center or Abellana ground. It would surely result in a stampede if the authorities did not give way to the powerful crowd.

Arat Na Cebu

The concert performers were Shanti Dope, Gloc 9, AJ Raval, Michael Pangilinan, Jacky Chang, Missing Filemon, and Sephy Francisco. Mayor Mike Rama and Raymond Garcia were the special guests. Attendees knew that this is supposed to be a political event due to the nature of the ticket distributions. Individuals needed to show their ID cards to see if they are qualified voters or not. The red and green color motifs were also obviously that of the Uniteam.

Careful Planning to Avoid Injuries

Arat na Cebu is a concert that inspires Cebuanos to move forward together after the pandemic. However, the young crowd seems to be hungry for the presence of BBM. A bigger venue or a free-flowing system of the event is needed if BBM really holds a political rally in the city. It would also be another story if Sandro Marcos comes along. If Bongbong Marcos is more than just a politician, his son is more than just a celebrity. The degree of passionate young Cebuanos will be very difficult to control for both idols plus other entertainers.

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