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How Mayor Abby Binay, Bongbong Marcos’ Fellow INC Endorsee Keeps Makati Deficit-free after 3 Decades?

Abby Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Makati Mayor Abby Binay, daughter for former Vice President Jejomar Binay discloses that for three decades now, Makati remains deficit-free. It’s annual revenue collections continue to increase year after year. Despite for her family’s excellent performance in Makati, they are accused of graft and corruption. However, the figures say it all. Makati has collected more than P5 billion in revenue during the first six months of Mayor Abigail Binay’s tenure

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: [PTVNews] Makati Mayor Abigail Binay, faces graft complains after her numerous achievements but most cases against them are proven to be methods of destroying their reputation.

Not Dependent on the Government’s IRA

Collecting more efficiently and increasing monitoring systems in place allow Makati to continue to be one of few local government units in the country not dependent on the government IRA. Only nine percent of the city’s total revenue accounts for the national IRA.

Computerized Collection System

The Computerized Barangay Realty Tax Payment System is initiated in 2005 by former mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr., Abby’s brother. This is for the convenience of taxpayers. Every quarter, satellite payment centers electronically linked to the Treasury Department at City Hall are set up in barangay halls to accept realty tax payments. The schedules are announced beforehand.  31 out of Makati’s 33 barangays are already using the program.

Mayor Binay is Bongbong Marcos’ Co-INC Endorsee

During the past elections, both Abby Binay for Makati mayor and Bongbong Marcos for Vice president are INC’s bets. Iglesia ni Kristo is known to be influential in politics since church members often vote unanimously. Binay won but Marcos’ electoral protest is still ongoing against the winningVice president, Leni Robredo.

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INC Witnesses

Various affidavits are collected by the Binay camp from witnesses of the alleged electoral fraud committed by Liberal Party people favoring their candidates. Some of these witnesses from the INC are accompanied by Pastor Boy Saycon, Jojo Binay’s campaign head to the senate to tell what they know. The Binay-Marcos alliance seems to be the reason why both families are the targets of character assassination by the yellow faction. Perhaps, a tandem to watch for 2022?

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