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Mayor Abby Binay Ordered the Recall of Makati Personnel Displaced by Pena

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Makati employees will have something to celebrate when Makati Mayor Abby Binay ordered the recall of displaced Makati personnel last week during the short stay of Kid Pena. As rumored in the community, many Binay loyalists were either transferred, fired or forced to resign after Pena’s supporters were bullying them. She made sure that they will be back to their mother units before she launches her planned projects. The med-tech at OSMAK will not be scolded by impatient beneficiaries anymore as she had to keep them waiting for hours she she was working alone during her shift and beyond serving many patients.

Some Makati City Hall employees who chose to vacate their posts can already decide to come back now that it’s Binay once again. Mayor Abby graciously instructed department heads to submit a detailed report on their organization chart including list of staff, designation and job descriptions.

This shows that the new mayor operates professionally and always in mind the welfare of her constituents. She promised to do something immediately on every concern that will be thrown on her just to put the Makati operations back in place.


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