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Mayor Sara Du30 and Gov. Imee Marcos’ Merging for Next Election Raises the Oppositions’ Eyebrows


By: Elena Grace Flores

Supreme Court Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa who is currently the justice-in-charge of the Marcos-Robredo electoral case, wrote to the Supreme Court sitting as PET in a letter-memorandum about his intent to have the case unloaded from him prior to Marcos’ filing of a motion for his inhibition. He does not intend to inhibit from the case so that he may still participate in the deliberations and voting. The Presidential Electoral Tribunal has denied the request. As this happens, the Du30-Marcos merging with the Presidential daughter Mayor Sara Du3o and Gov. Imee Marcos now attract the mainstream media. The yellow news platforms even use the alliance in their negative interpretation of President Rodrigo Du3o’s plan not to quit if the questionable Vice President takes his place instead of the VP election protestant, Bongbong Marcos whom Caguiao is reportedly against of.

Youtube video by DU30 News


The Supreme Court’s Decision

There are no changes to be made in the PET’s management. Caguioa’s plea has been denied unanimously. Furthermore, the high tribunal also says that the evidence presented to them was both internal and privileged. This could only have been accessible with unofficial means.

Marcos’ Motion

On account of the bias of Justice Caguioa towards the yellow brigade, Marcos filed a motion. He seeks Caguioa’s recusal. Caguioa is a close friend of former President Aquino. Furthermore, Marcos also alleges that Caguioa’s wife supports Robredo actively. She had campaigned for Robredo in the 2016 elections and continues to support her cause.

Yellow Media’s Bluff

Now the yellow media is talking about Sara Du30. She will eventually succeed his father as some experts say. Sara Duterte right now is shoring up support for the ambitious policy agenda of his father. Furthermore, she is becoming a power-broker in her own right.

The Opposition’s Interpretation

The president admits that he is flagging, the yellow media said. He fears that he is hardly making a dent in tackling the illicit drugs and the corruption of the state, it added. He is being vocal that he is ready to step down and retire from the presidency.

Election Preparation

Sara Du30 had already started to expand her small party and build political alliances. She is emerging as a political juggernaut of the southern Davao region.  She has served a key role in the ousting of the former lower house speaker Alvarez, as she brought together political factions. This moved is marked by the alliance between Sara Du30, and Imee Marcos. Putting in place Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as a House Speaker who is friendly to their alliance ready for election 2019.

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