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Mayor Sara was Spared from the CNN’s VP Debate Unfairness


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sangkay Janjan TV

[VIDEO]: CNN Urges VP Aspirants to Make the Show More Interesting

CNN’s Entertainment Show

Vice Presidential Aspirant, Dr. Willie Ong divulges in an interview that the recent CNN Vice Presidential Debate was like an entertainment show. An anchor of the said show allegedly told them to make the rebuttals more interesting because their rating was very low.

Unfairness on the Pandemic Question

Dr. Ong can’t help but mention that CNN’s show was unfair in asking questions to the candidates. They were asked about the pandemic but his was other than the pandemic because they claimed that he already know a lot about it. Therefore, he did not get an equal air time compared to his peers.

Low Rating Due to Uninteresting Format

Presidential Aspirant Bongbong Marcos immediately rejects a debate invite if the format is like CNN’s entertainment show. Now, his running mate Mayor Sara Duterte follows suit. Luckily she was spared from the boring discussion. Dr. Ong confirmed that the show just kept on highlighting the heated arguments of some candidates. The rest were kept silent.

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