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Measures for Problems during Holiday Months are Let Down for Entrepreneurs


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Merchants, Bazaar operators, and small-time entrepreneurs are always looking forward to the “Ber” months. These are September, October, November and December that people are starting to do their holiday shopping. Every day counts but for now, only limited during weekends.

[VIDEO]: How to solve firecracker explosions, fire from electrical circuits and traffic due to mall sales. Is it good to ban all these like President Duterte’s intention? How about livelihood, business, and culture? How would affected Filipinos survive?

No more Mall Sales on Week Days

In a bid to ease traffic during the holidays, the Interagency Council on Traffic (I-ACT) and mall operators in Metro Manila agreed that starting Oct. 21 until Jan. 9, 2017, mall sales will no longer be conducted during weekdays. Instead, sales will be held strictly on weekends.

How to Solve Problem? Ban everything attitude

Right after the news of the nationwide smoking ban comes the no window color coding. Meaning, cars that are prohibited in the streets that day cannot anymore use the road from 7AM to 7PM. So, it is not surprising that to solve fire incidents due to firecrackers, they will be banned as well. For now, let’s settle down with no shopping spree during weekdays after work.

Effects on the Economy

Sure enough when a problem source is banned, then no more problem. But what about the economy? Buying and selling in a daily basis counts. So, it is also expected that nightmares can happen during weekends when most people from other parts of the country will make sure to come to Manila during weekends to shop.

Enough is enough

The name Jojo Binay is noted for public service. He will not become a politician if not because of this. It’s always people first before own interests for him. Then in the final year of his term, he decided to part from the Aquino administration. Citing the reason that they no longer share the same principle in prioritizing the needs of the people first. He became Pnoy’s greatest critic after resigning from the cabinet. He criticized the negligence of the administration of public service provisions, infrastructure, utilities and more.

Plea from Entrepreneurs

Banning the selling of firecrackers during holiday bazaars will be a disaster for people who are relying on it for their living. They have been manufacturing during prior months in preparation for the holiday season. May it’s plan to ban them be replaced with a more sustainable policy that can be beneficial to sellers – and will also put the buyers on safe grounds.

On Livelihood, Balancing Act is Essential

Leaders must make it a point not to be one sided. The key is in the balance. Tough and drastic actions can jeopardise the people’s livelihood. It will not be helpful to the crime war when poverty is on the rise. This is a priority that the government must priorituze.

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