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Media Fails to Sensationalize Hidilyn Diaz-Duterte Matrix Issue with their Mutual Respect

Hidilyn Diaz

By: Elena Grace Flores

by GMA News

First Filipino Olympics Medalist Salutes the President
The first-ever Filipino Olympics gold medalist, Hidilyn Diaz insists to remain standing while waiting for the President online. It’s her way of getting the opportunity to salute the president at once. In return, President Rodrigo Duterte salutes her back towards the end of the digital presidential audience. Such mutual respect melts the heart of Filipinos. There’s no more space for the media’s sensationalizing the matrix issue in the past.

Hidilyn Diaz has Nothing to Explain

Hidilyn Diaz is also a second-class air force officer. On the matrix issue, she said that she has nothing to explain. She simply does not know anything about it. Diaz does give integrity to her affiliation by displaying such humility. Thus she deserves the promotion to first class. Both President Duterte and her display the real Filipino character. Just by being respectful to one another. r

Courtesy Call in the Flesh

The great Olympian, Hidilyn Diaz also pays a courtesy call to the President in his hometown, Davao. She’s with two other Olympians. President Duterte admits that he’s expecting a muscular lady but in person, Diaz is just a normal lady, he said. The Filipino leader also adds 2M to her 5 million presidential cash incentive. This is on top of the many incentives she already bags amounting to more than 33 million pesos.

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