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Media is Riding on Binay’s Popularity

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The alleged booing of Vice President Jejomar Binay in Cebu created a social media frenzy – arguing that he was not really booed. However, anti-Binay’s reactions are already expected. So much lies have been said over and over again but this time, it’s different. Most Binay supporters who used to be very quiet are now out in the open ready to defend the Vice President. This did not come as a surprise after Binay leads in most presidential poll surveys not only in Luzon but also in most parts of Mindanao and the Visayas – particularly Cebu!

As usual even during the digital age, the masses still believe in what is reported in the news, especially the headlines. Therefore most media always flash controversial titles to attract the pubic – then it’s up to you to read the full story. The problem is, most readers will not bother to do that. They only get excited with half-truth especially when it’s in their favor.

Other media like GMA who is more reliable than others is also playing safe using the word “allegedly” or “umano o diumano” in Filipino. Meaning, they did not witness it themselves. They have their own coverage but nothing like what is reported by others. Take the case of this news reported by Pia Arcanghel – watch the video here: (According to Inquirer and Rappler, the Vice President was “allegedly” booed). So why can’t they report that Binay was booed if that is really the case? This is a clear case of “riding on the Vice President’s popularity. Nothing is wrong with that. Just a strategy to boost audience impact for as long as it does not mislead the viewers – but sad to say, It did.

However, a good and truthful media coverage for a certain story should be precise and truthful plus verified by the reporter himself or herself. Read this story from SunStar with very clear headline and factual details:

If all media will report like this, then there will be no frenzy – just facts. No chaos because only few heard it – and majority did not. Was Binay really booed? Yes and No – it depends on who heard it!
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