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Media was Wrong – Binay was not Booed in Cebu

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Sad to say that we can now tell which media are paid by the political enemies of Vice President Jejomar Binay. They are not smart at all publishing that Binay was allegedly booed in Cebu and his speech was shorten because it was not the case at all. Media people swear to the bible to say the truth and nothing but the truth – but life is getting harder for these corrupt media men and women. That’s why they have to accept bribe to ruin VP Binay’s visit in Cebu.

Take this account from Leslie Anne Umaly: Is that the look of someone who was boo-ed by thousands of people in the crowd? I’m constantly bewildered by our capacity to just consider truth whatever media outfits publish. A friend of mine was there and she recounted a different story. That there was a contingent from an opposing political party that heckled (and is that really something news-worthy?), that at the time of the supposed boo-ing, wala pang 10,000 ang crowd sa venue. And that there was no speech that was cut short because apparently, VP Binay has been a devotee of Sto Niño and for the past four years that he’s been to Sinulog festivities, the most he says is a greeting and Viva Pit Señor — which was what he was able to say today. Fearless and breaking news need to be truthful. More so now in an election season where news can paint a specific image of a candidate. Napakalayo nito sa Balanced views, Fearless News.

Another comment from Evelyn A. Giangan: ang media rana nag mugna nga ge boo c binay sa sinulog day…. saon kay nag una man jud c binay sa survey labi na diri cebu

Also try to watch the video here if you see any booing happening:

Look some Media people – you are giving a bad name to Media but it will be in vain – because many responsible media people will oppose your wrong doing. Please do the right thing so that it will not boomerang to you in the near future.

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