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Medicine Supply Fast-tracked by Mayor Abby after Kid Failed

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
OSMAK or Ospital ng Makati patients and Makati Health Centers patrons+ had been complaining about the shortage of medicines, defective air-conditioning systems and lack of medical staff during the less than a year stint of ex Makati Mayor Kid Pena. Mayor Abby Binay cannot understand this because she was aware that there were bidding conducted to get the right suppliers for the needs of these medical facilities in Makati. However, she was not informed why the said bidding failed since OSMAK director Dr. Bernard Sese only knew they failed but there were no reasons given. Perhaps not Pena’s priority to take care of the residents’ health.

Mayor Abby ordered the purchase and the re-examination of pending purchase orders immediately on her first week in office. Time must not be wasted because there are many patients who cannot afford their medications, especially senior citizens, single mothers and retired citizens of Makati. They were just told by the resident doctors that only the initial prescription is free. The rest, they have to buy themselves.

Since the health of the constituents is the priority of the mayor, she wanted to see that there are already adequate medicine supplies and everything are running as per Makati standard at the shortest possible time from now until not later than 3 months – like how it was before Kid Pena contrary to the rumor that the past administration spread out that the situation has always been like that even during the time of former Vice President Jejomar Binay, to cover their shortcomings.


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